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"From Zero to HERO".

The DZONE® Skydiving Student Program is a structured skydiving course that has been continuously developed since 1984. It is the most progressive and complete instructional program in the industry. Although there are different training programs being used around the world, we continue to instruct where other programs stop short producing more competent and confident skydiving students. We combine all the best aspects of the USPA IAD, AFF, and optionally Tandem methods of instruction.

As a part of your progression, you will first have the option to complete an introduction skydive via the tandem method. You will experience freefall as well as command of a parachute with minimal ground schooling and be able to get a taste of what’s to come.

Before your first solo jump you will attend Ground School #1 learning aircraft exits, parachute deployment procedures, flight planning, aircraft safety, and emergency procedures. Conditions permitting you will immediately make your first solo skydive using the IAD method. In IAD, your instructor will assist in the immediate deployment of your parachute upon leaving the plane. This allows you to focus your learning on parachute flight and landings. Anyone can jump out of a plane, it takes a bit of know how to land safely! You will continue through the IAD until you reach a satisfactory grasp of parachute flight before we transition you into free-fall instruction. The typical student will perform 6 IAD jumps with progressive goals and become a competent canopy pilot.

Once cleared for free-fall training using the AFF method, you will attend Ground School #2. This ground school introduces more freefall body positions, dive flow, altitude awareness, and heading awareness, hand signals, freefall emergency procedures, and the Golden Rules. As well as a re-cap of all items previously covered.

You will practice skills your instructor teaches you on the ground prior to the jumps and the instructor will use hand signals during freefall to remind you what to do. After you open the parachute, the instructor may talk to you through canopy flight on a radio while you are actually flying your own parachute.

One hurdle in learning such an extreme sport is the sensory overload that occurs naturally, which is accentuated when making your first jump alone from full altitude. Because these jumps are done in in a progressive manner integrating new skills with an instructor who has thousands of jumps, the overload is diminished and the difference in the learning curve is dramatic.

DZONE® Skydiving's Program allows students to progress at their own rate in a supportive rather than stressful environment. This style of teaching caters to students of all ability levels by providing individualized attention. The supervised environment enables each student to demonstrate sufficient and competent skills for equipment inspection, freefall, canopy flight and packing throughout the program.

Costs involved

Pay as you go! Each student is different but you can expect to invest a total of about $3000 achieving your A-License where you will complete at least 25 jumps and become a competent, confident skydiver! After that it's only abou $29, yes Twenty Nine bucks, to make a skydive at any DZONE® or other Skydiving Center.

Tandem - Is it necessary?

Necessary no, but highly recommened? YES. A tandem skydive exposes you to the sport with minimal investment of your time. You can enjoy the air and decide if this is something you want to continue to enjoy as a sport. It also allows us to evaluate your sense of awareness.

Ground School #1 - IAD

Attendance Required - $75

Before your first solo jump you will attend Ground School #1 learning aircraft exits, parachute deployment procedures, flight planning, aircraft safety, and emergency procedures.

IAD Category A

Minimum 2 Jumps - $148 Each

Aircraft Exit with Instructor Deployment. Focus on parachute flight, pattern, and landing.

IAD Category B

Minimum 2 Jumps - $148 Each

Simulated Pilot Chute deployment and continued Parachute training.

IAD Category C

Minimum 2 Jumps - $148 Each
First one expected be done within 1 Day of last Category B Jump

Save your own life, twice! Exit the aircraft with stable body position an deploy your own parachute. Continue to fly a predictable pattern and safe landing as previously done.

Ground School #2 - FAF

Required to Proceed - $75

Full Altitude Freefall

Minimum 5 Jumps - $198 Each

Freefall stability at high speed, controlled turns (90°, 180°, and 360°), Recovery from instability: Barrel roll, front flip, back flip.

Self Supervision

At this point in your skydiving career you are ready to continue your learning on your own and have the skills to safely parachute alone or with a coach/instructor. We recommend you begin working at your own pace following the A-license card and when you find an area you feel you need assistance with, please grab a coach or instructor to get you on track. Coach jumps are $128 all-inclusive, and solo jumpes are $28 for full altitude and $25 plus sales tax for gear rental. Once you have your A-license we will help you find some new or new-to-you gear of your own!