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The DZONE® Skydiving Student Program is a structured skydiving course that has been continuously developed since 1967. We have adopted the most progressive and complete instructional program in the industry. Although there are different training programs being used around the world, we continue to instruct where other programs stop short producing more competent and confident skydiving students. We combine all the best aspects of the USPA's Tandem, IAD, and AFF methods of instruction. Detailed information about USPA Instructional Categories can be found in the USPA SIM, click here.

As a part of your progression, you will first have the option to complete an introduction skydive via the tandem method. You will experience freefall as well as command of a parachute with minimal ground schooling and be able to get a taste of what’s to come. This jump has no pass/fail requirements and DOES count towards your jump numbers for licensing. It can and should be documented in your logbook.

Time to learn! First things first, you will attend Ground School #1 learning aircraft exits, parachute deployment procedures, flight planning, aircraft safety, and emergency procedures. You will review the necessary requirements to complete Categories A and B in the USPA SIM.

The first portion of your training will consist of USPA Categories A and B conducted using the Tandem method. You will be altitude aware, and perform practice deployments as well as the actual parachute deployment at the correct altitude. You will also begin to learn about forward movement in freefall as well as landing patterns, parachute flight, and PLF (parachute landing fall) techniques.

After completing the Tandem method categories your instructor will determine with you the best method for you to continue learning whether it be IAD (Instructor Assisted Deployment) or AFF (Accelerated Free Fall). We cater to the situation that will promote the greatest success for you.

Before your first solo jump you must join the USPA and provide your own goggles, your first piece of skydiving equipment to own. COOL! You may also opt to purchase your own altimeter at this time but it is not required until cleared off the student program.

Based on the selection of your instructor you will attend one of the method specific ground schools, either AFF or IAD. These ground schools introduce more freefall body positions, dive flow, altitude awareness, heading awareness, hand signals, freefall emergency procedures, and the Golden Rules. As well as a re-cap of all items previously covered. All methods of instruction move you through to the same end result, being a competent and confident A-License holding skydiver.

You will practice skills your instructor teaches you on the ground prior to the jumps and the instructor will use hand signals during freefall to remind you what to do. After you open the parachute, the instructor may talk to you through canopy flight on a radio while you are actually flying your own parachute.

DZONE® Skydiving's Program allows students to progress at their own rate in a supportive rather than stressful environment. This style of teaching caters to students of all ability levels by providing individualized attention. The supervised environment enables each student to demonstrate sufficient and competent skills for equipment inspection, freefall, canopy flight and packing throughout the program.

Costs involved

Pay in chunks! Each student is different but you can expect to invest a total of about $3800 achieving your A-License. You will complete at least 25 jumps and become a competent, confident skydiver! After that it's only abou $30, yes thirty bucks, to make a skydive at any DZONE® or other Skydiving Center.

Ground School #1

Attendance Required - $75

Before your first instructional jump you will attend Ground School #1 learning aircraft exits, parachute deployment, procedures, flight planning, aircraft safety, and emergency procedures as well as Category A & B goals.

Categories A and B

Tandem Method - $248 x 3 jumps minimum)

In addtion to any introductory Tandem jumps you have previously made, at least two working tandems shall be conducted with satisfactory completion of the Category A and B requirements from the USPA SIM. You will also demonstrate the ability to reliably deploy in the belly-to-earth orientation at the correct altitude without assistance, per BSR 2-1(G)4b. The goals are simply to become comfortable in freefall, be aware of your body, your altitude, deploy a parachute safely, and the basic operation of a parachute with safe flying and landing procedures.

Successful completion of Category A and B Quizzes.

Method Specific Ground School

IAD or AFF: $40

Here you will learn specific techniques for the method of training your instructor(s) have selected for your success.

Required Items

You MUST join the USPA to continue beyond this point. Click here sooner than later as we must be able to verify your membership.

You must have your own goggles beyond this point. DZONE® brand skydiving goggles are available for purchase at the front desk for $12. It's awesome owning your first piece of skydiving equipment!

Category C

IAD: Minimum 4 Jumps - $148 Each(2), $198 Each(2)
AFF: Minimum 2 Jumps - $218 Each
(When choosing AFF, Students may require additional tandem jumps to meet BSR 2-1(G)4b.

In Category C you need to establish confidence and relaxed freefall control. A controlled freefall in Category C may include some random heading drift, which you learn to lessen by relaxing and focusing on the basics: altitude, arch, legs, and relax. The instructor shows you more about how to plan a canopy pattern for various wind speeds and directions to improve traffic flow and avoid conflicts with obstacles and other jumpers. You learn to predict, avoid, and react to turbulence induced by wind over obstacles and heated areas among several other new skills.

Successful completion of Category C Quiz.

Category D

IAD: Minimum 3 Jumps - $198 Each
AFF: Minimum 3 Jumps - $218 Each

By now, you have learned to safely control freefall by keeping track of your hips and legs—and relaxing. In Category D, you’ll learn to control heading by modifying the neutral position using your upper body to deflect air. You will demonstrate relatively effortless control of 90-, 180-, and 360-degree freefall turns before moving on to aerobatics, introduced in Category E.

Successful completion of Category D Quiz.

Category E

Minimum 3 Jumps - $198 Each

Category E is where all methods of instruction begin to converge. Here you will perform barrel rolls, back and front flips, all to test your ability to regain stability after a disorienting manuever. Successful completion of this categories is the first step in self-supervision.

Successful completion of Category E Quiz.

Required Items

To continue to self supervision you will need the following items:

* Satisfactory demonstration of Parachute Packing

* Passing score on USPA A-License Written Exam (open book)

* Your own Skydiving Altimeter

* An instructor sign-off in your logbook and our DZONE Manifest system

Self Supervision

Solo: $62

At this point in your skydiving career you are ready to continue your learning on your own and have the skills to safely parachute alone or with a coach/instructor. We recommend you begin working at your own pace following the A-license proficiency card and when you find an area you feel you need assistance with, please grab a coach or instructor to get you on track. Coach jumps are $148 including gear rental, and solo jumpes are $30 for full altitude and $30 plus sales tax for gear rental. Once you have your A-license we will help you find some new or new-to-you gear of your own!

Categories F-H

$128 Each

The remaining three categories, F-H, prepare you for more advanced freefall control. More importantly, you get ready for skydiving in groups—in freefall and under canopy. After completing all training and jumps at the end of Category H, you may sign up for a USPA A-license check dive with a USPA Instructor.

Successful completion of Category F-H Quizes.

A-License Check Dive!


Upon completing all your categories successfully, the goals on your A-License Proficiency Card, a passing score on a USPA A-License Exam (not open book), and 25 jumps you may take your practical A license exam!